Feds and the Walking Horse

Why on earth should the federal government have anything at all to do with our walking horse tradition?

The federal government has far exceeded its Constitutional boundaries and Shelbyville’s cultural hallmark is a perfect example. While there are sometimes questions about how the Founding Fathers might have considered newfangled technology, regulating the treatment of horses is something they certainly would have understood. And it’s quite clear that they would be shocked and dismayed that the federal government, rather than Tennessee, would be responsible for such regulation.

I am running for Congress because I want to actually follow the Constitution as the Founders intended. Our current Congressman, Scott DesJarlais, may be satisfied with tweaks to federal encroachment on our values, but I am not.

And, of course, federal intrusion in the walking horse industry is only the tip of the iceberg.

Take for instance controversy over “Waters of the United States.” Congress passed a law that gave the federal government authority to regulate navigable waterways – intending to cover things like the Mississippi River, which might be divided between states. But President Barack Obama and his green goblin bureaucrats at the Environmental Protection Agency have interpreted the law so generously that they now believe they can fine folks for contaminants in a muddy ditch on their land! The EPA has managed to turn rain into something farmers may fear, lest a puddle form in a low spot – no matter that you could barely navigate a kayak in the things the EPA chooses to regulate.

But this is precisely the point: Congress has abdicated its Constitutional responsibility and allowed agencies to make rules. That would be bad enough, except the agencies don’t even necessarily follow Congressional intent – such is the case with Waters of the United States.

My team and I are knocking on tens of thousands of doors in Bedford County and across the 4th Congressional District and I hear constantly about how the federal government is getting in the way of freedom, prosperity, and responsibility. Washington is overregulating our livelihoods, often unconstitutionally, causing small business owners to spend more money on compliance than commerce. And rather than allowing companies to compete in the marketplace on their own merit, the federal government rewards the politically connected with our tax dollars. Then, after taxing and regulating and punishing private enterprise, Washington has the gall to spend more money than it has, and we’re now $19 trillion in debt.

Congressman DesJarlais has voted for over $700 billion in food stamps and against a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution precisely during times when we most need DC to be more like Tennessee. He’s voted to give away billions of our tax dollars to politically connected corporations like President Obama’s green energy boondoggle Solyndra, and he’s now sustaining federal oversight over the walking horse industry.

I trust Tennessee to handle itself and I want to go to Washington to give power back to the states and to the people. I hope to earn your vote as a faithful conservative on August 4.

Grant Starrett is a conservative activist and Constitutional attorney from Murfreesboro. He is a Republican candidate for Congress in Tennessee's 4th Congressional District.