Four Questions for President Obama Before Fourth of July

Today, Grant Starrett, Republican candidate for Congress in the Fourth Congressional District, released the following statement in conjunction with President Obama's visit to Tennessee: 

"ObamaCare has been a disaster and Tennessee families are being crushed," said Grant Starrett. "With its mountain of complicated regulations, miles of red tape, plan cancellations, constitutional issues and increased healthcare costs to Tennessee families, things have only been made worse. From healthcare to the sluggish economy, the president has many questions that need to be answered. 

"As the president touches down in Tennessee today to push his unaffordable healthcare law, a few days before the Fourth of July, he needs to answer these four questions that are on the top of minds for Tennesseans: 

1. What do you say to the Tennesseans who will see their premiums jump by up to a third due to your signature healthcare legislation? 

2. The only ways the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court could allow ObamaCare to continue was to first identify it as a tax, and then, in his own words, rejecting the "most natural reading" of the law. How do you feel about imposing the biggest tax in American history? 

3. How can we trust IRS bureaucrats to oversee ObamaCare when they target conservatives without cause? 

4. I've got a great website at -- do you need any help from my developers?" 

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