Grant Starrett Announces Run For Congress

Constitutional conservative from Murfreesboro will fight for our conservative principles



(MURFREESBORO, Tenn.) - Today, Grant Starrett announced that he is running for Congress to represent the Fourth District of Tennessee. A Christian and constitutional conservative who lives in Murfreesboro, Grant Starrett has been a long-time conservative activist. He currently serves as Vice President and Special Counsel at Lion Real Estate Group but recently, as President of Tennesseans for Judicial Accountability, he successfully fought trial lawyers and judicial activists to restore constitutional order to Tennessee's judicial selection process. Grant has also worked on the Mitt Romney presidential campaigns and, while at Vanderbilt Law School, Starrett worked at the Senate Steering Committee under conservative U.S. Senator Jim DeMint and at the American Center for Law and Justice. 

Announcing his candidacy today, Starrett said, "I'm running for Congress because the country I love is endangered by the people in power. America is hurting because of the actions and inactions of those who control the federal government, chief among them President Obama. As a result, the United States faces three crises: a moral crisis, an economic crisis, and a constitutional crisis. I am prepared to do battle against these crises, and I hope and pray patriots across Tennessee and America join me in taking them on. 

"There are big differences between myself and Congressman Scott DesJarlais," Starrett continued. "The Congressman's voting record in Washington simply doesn't match his rhetoric in the district. In Tennessee, Congressman DesJarlais claims to be 'the most conservative member of the Tennessee delegation.' Back in Washington, DesJarlais voted against legislation that would have balanced our budget, cut wasteful spending, implemented pro-growth tax reform, and put our country on a path to prosperity. This is why groups like Citizens Against Government Waste and the American Conservative Union have rated him last or near the bottom of the Tennessee Republican delegation. Last year, National Right to Life endorsed every other Tennessee Republican for re-election, but not Scott DesJarlais. 

"Tennesseans in every household from Murfreesboro to Cleveland know that we can't spend more than we take in. The federal government continues to grow year after year, saddling every child born today with nearly $60,000 in debt, and my generation will be stuck with the bill. Our families are disintegrating and our unborn are being slain while the federal government and activist judges are only making things worse. 

"I believe we can and we must do better. We do not lack the blueprints to deal with the problems plaguing our country. We lack people in power with conservative principles. But to change direction in Washington, we must start by sending a Congressman to Washington who fights for Tennessee values on every single vote. I will not just talk like a conservative, I will vote like a conservative. Republicans in the Fourth District expect that from their Congressman. Our fight begins today."