Grant Starrett For Congress Accepts Bitcoin Donations

Campaign will also hold Bitcoin donations, breaking from typical campaigns

Today, the Grant Starrett for Congress campaign announced that it is now accepting and holding Bitcoin donations. While some campaigns have accepted Bitcoin, like the campaigns for Senator Rand Paul and Governor Greg Abbott, nearly all have immediately converted the donations into U.S. dollars. Grant will be embarking into new territory to hold Bitcoin as Bitcoin in the long term.

The link to donate with Bitcoin to Grant Starrett is

"Bitcoin offers novel advantages over existing currencies and payment methods, and it should not be regulated to an extent more onerous than other recognized currencies," said Grant Starrett, Republican candidate for Congress in Tennessee's 4th Congressional District. "Its decentralized nature allows for innovation and new ideas to come from any participant, which can be democratically embraced by the entire community. I hope that Bitcoin will help to disrupt and cripple the onerous capital controls put into place by manipulative and tyrannical governments like China."


The link to donate with Bitcoin is
While the FEC has yet to formally outline all regulations for accepting Bitcoin, the Grant Starrett for Congress campaign will treat Bitcoin donations with the same limits as physical currency donations. Each individual will be limited to an aggregate Bitcoin market value equivalent of $100 U.S. at the time of the donation. 
Unlike other campaigns, Grant pledges to also hold Bitcoin donations and not convert bitcoins to U.S. dollars immediately. The campaign will comply with existing rules that require conversion into U.S. dollars before spending. 
Grant will bring an openness and understanding of Bitcoin and its many beneficial applications to Congress, while educating fellow legislators about bitcoins so that it will be treated as the promising, legitimate currency it is. 
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