Grant Starrett For Congress Reports $917,000 Raised In 2015

Faithful Conservative Continues Momentum For 2016 Primary

(MURFREESBORO, Tenn.) – The Grant Starrett for Congress campaign today announced they will report raising more than $917,000 last year. The campaign to elect a faithful conservative like Grant continues to gain momentum for one of the most-watched primary races in the country for 2016.

Statement from Tommy Schultz, Campaign Manager for Grant Starrett for Congress:

"Raising more than $900,000 in nine months shows that conservatives continue to rally behind Grant Starrett's visionary campaign for Congress. Tennesseans are looking for a faithful conservative like Grant who will go to Washington and fight for our country's future. For years, DC politicians who say one thing, then do another, have put our country into a grave circumstance
like when Scott DesJarlais voted for $700 billion in Food Stamps or against spending cuts to Obama's wasteful green energy programs like Solyndrawhere we are now facing a financial, moral, and constitutional crisis. We need a new generation, with conservatives like Grant Starrett, to fight to get this country away from small dreams and socialism."
The full report will be available with the Federal Elections Commission.

Total raised for 2015 (9 months of candidacy, April 2 - December 31): $917,846
Total raised for Q4: $91,699

What they are saying about Grant and the 2016 race
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“This looks like a serious race” – Stuart Rothenberg of The Rothenberg and Gonzales Political Report
“Starrett is making a name for himself, devoting attention to the more rural, blue-collar areas where DesJarlais has traditionally done well.” – Roll Call (Link)
“DesJarlais’ primary challenger hits on voting records, not scandals” – POLITICO  (Link)

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"'Not A Single Question' - 27-Year Old Conservative Challenger Attacks GOP Congressman Over Planned Parenthood Hearing" – Daily Caller (Link)

“I get involved in primary fights when there's a clear better candidate,” – Radio host Hugh Hewitt, endorsing Grant Starrett (Link

"I have contributed to Grant Starrett because I believe in the young rising generation of Republicans...He's going to be a terrific Member of Congress this time next year." - Hugh Hewitt (Link
“Here’s what I know: Grant is a man of character and conviction. He is a constitutional conservative of the highest order,” – Erick Erickson, Editor in Chief of RedState, “strongly endorsing” Grant Starrett (Link)
“Great meeting with @GrantforTN, a sharp young leader in Tennessee.” – Dr. Russell Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention (Link)

“Grant is a true conservative. And I have known him for a number of years and have a tremendous respect for his heart, his intellect and his conservative values.” – Lee Beaman, Chairman of the Beaman Automotive Group in Nashville, TN (Link)
“Grant is the kind of energetic, talented Constitutional conservative we will need to preserve the House of Representatives as a bulwark against the left’s “transformative” agenda and, should circumstances permit, to make it the engine of conservative transformation.” – PowerLine’s Paul Mirengoff (Link)
"Grant Starrett for Congress" – Powerline's Paul Mirengoff, endorsing Grant Starrett (Link)
“He would be a welcome addition to the Hill at a time when the world is increasingly dangerous but too many members still do not understand the importance of a strong defense to handle and deter rising threats.” – Powerline (Link)
“I've met Starrett and was impressed by his intelligence and commitment to conservative causes,”… “[Grant] would be a tremendous improvement.”  – Ramesh Ponnuru, Senior Editor ofNational Review (LinkLink)
“We sought out talented iconoclasts whose ideas on politics and policy are likely to be heard and should be listened to — but who may not earn the attention of the national media on a regular basis… Starrett's a candidate to watch.” – the Washington Examiner, identifying their “New Voices for 2015” (Link)