ICYMI: Politico: "DesJarlais' primary challenger hits on voting record, not scandals"

In case you missed it, Politico has a piece featuring Grant Starrett and his high-momentum campaign: 

Now DesJarlais has picked up another primary opponent, 27-year-old Grant Starrett, who insists he's running against the congressman for his insufficiently conservative voting record, rather than the scandal surrounding him.

'I'm focusing on his record,' Starrett, who announced he would run last month, told Campaign Pro. 'That's where I believe he is at his weakest.'...

But Starrett sees room to run to his right, pointing to DesJarlais' vote against the Republican Study Committee's conservative budget in 2013 (a majority of House Republicans ended up voting against the measure). 'I think his voting record reveals some serious problems,' he said. 'This is somebody who has not been totally consistent in how he voted in