ICYMI: Roll Call Features Grant Starrett's Stand Against Planned Parenthood

(MURFREESBORO, Tenn.) - In case you missed it, Roll Call published an article featuring Grant Starrett's consistent conservative positions and his strong stand against Planned Parenthood: 

"Starrett hasn't questioned DesJarlais' past positions on abortion, as he has his position on the Export-Import Bank or food stamps, and he's never mentioned him in any of his tweets about Planned Parenthood. 

"I'm focused on his record and my vision. I'm going to lay it out that I do strongly believe in defunding Planned Parenthood," Starrett told CQ Roll Call Tuesday. "I'll leave it to him ... I'm not getting into personal issues." 

He doesn't have to. 

By speaking out on an issue that's energizing social conservatives in a way that DesJarlais cannot, Starrett could end up hitting the congressman where it hurts. 

"[Starrett] may not even have to say all that much, but just by taking a leadership role, there could just be an implied contrast," said one Tennessee Republican of Starrett's vocalism on the Planned Parenthood videos. "He will be freer to take an even more high-profile stance on something that a majority of Tennesseans value, which is the life issue."

Read more: http://atr.rollcall.com/planned-parenthood-videos-give-scott-desjarlais-challenger-opening-right/ 

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