Mark Levin Endorses Grant Starrett

(MURFREESBORO, Tenn.) – Last night, Mark Levin endorsed Grant Starrett on his live, nationally-syndicated broadcast. Mark Levin is one of the most influential conservative talk radio hosts in the country and can be heard each evening across the entire 4th Congressional District. 

In the interview with Grant Starrett, Levin said "I want to endorse you, strongly. I think you'd make an outstanding Constitutional conservative in the House of Representatives"and "wouldn't it be spectacular to get some new fresh young blood in there, another Constitutional conservative who will give 'em hell?"

Levin had choice words about Grant's opponent: "Scott DesJarlais, the fact of the matter is he's utterly and completely useless. He's definitely a sell out, he's definitely a creature of Washington now." 


Full audio of the interview can be found here:

Statement from Grant Starrett, Republican Candidate for Congress in Tennessee's 4th Congressional District:

"I'm incredibly honored to have the endorsement of one of the most influential grassroots conservatives in the country: Mark Levin. As it says on his program, he's "the establishment's worst nightmare" and for good reason--he's fought for Constitutional conservative principles time and again. As one of the top-5 talk radio shows in the country, he commands a grassroots army that is now fully behind my campaign for Congress. I plan on fighting for conservative principles every day in Washington, as I've fought for them my entire life--even when it wasn't popular. I'm glad to stand shoulder to shoulder with Levin in this fight to save our country as we've been taken over by politically correct cowards. Under the Obama disaster, we're going easy on radical Muslims, financing abortionists, and paying people not to work. I've been praying for America, but the time has come to fight for what we believe. I'm proud to have Mark Levin join the fight!"