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James Dobson Endorses Grant Starrett

Founder of Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, and Family Talk says "Grant is the best man for the job"

(MURFREESBORO, Tenn.) – The Grant Starrett for Congress campaign today announced that one of the most influential Evangelical Christian leaders in America, Dr. James Dobson, has endorsed Grant in his race for Congress in Tennessee's 4th Congressional District.

In his endorsement, Dr. Dobson said: 

"It is my pleasure to be among the many conservatives who are supporting Grant Starrett for United States House of Representatives for Tennessee's 4th Congressional District.

"I became acquainted with Grant through his conservative activism and his commitment to family values. His dedication is evident, from having founded the Conservative Society at Stanford to working for Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC).

"For years, I've prayed for leaders who will help America return to its Judeo-Christian foundation. Grant is a key part of the next generation of conservative leaders who will protect life from conception and uphold our values.

"Simply put: in the 4th Congressional District of Tennessee, Grant is the best man for the job.

"Speaking as a private individual and not on behalf of the organization I represent, I am pleased to endorse Grant Starrett for U.S. Congress" 

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Statement from Grant Starrett, Republican Candidate for Congress in Tennessee's 4th Congressional District:

"I'm honored to receive the endorsement of ​James Dobson, one of the most influential Christian leaders in America. Our country faces a moral crisis, and the federal government is an active contributor when it discourages work and marriage while financing abortionists. With the prayers and support of conservatives like James Dobson and voters across the 4th District, I'll fight the madness in Washington and restore Constitutional order."

Dr. James Dobson's Biography

Dr. Dobson founded some of the most influential Christian conservative groups in the country, and has been a leader in promoting family values for decades. Dobson founded Focus on the Family in 1977 and founded the Family Research Council in 1981. He is now President of Family Talk, a nonprofit organization that produces his radio program, "Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk." He was inducted into The National Radio Hall of Fame in 2008 and has written more than 30 books dedicated to the preservation of the family. More can be read about Dobson here:

Mark Levin Endorses Grant Starrett

Mark Levin endorsed Grant Starrett on his live, nationally-syndicated broadcast. Mark Levin is one of the most influential conservative talk radio hosts in the country and can be heard each evening across the entire 4th Congressional District. 

In the interview with Grant Starrett, Levin said "I want to endorse you, strongly. I think you'd make an outstanding Constitutional conservative in the House of Representatives"and "wouldn't it be spectacular to get some new fresh young blood in there, another Constitutional conservative who will give 'em hell?"

Levin had choice words about Grant's opponent: "Scott DesJarlais, the fact of the matter is he's utterly and completely useless. He's definitely a sell out, he's definitely a creature of Washington now." 


Full audio of the interview can be found here:

Statement from Grant Starrett, Republican Candidate for Congress in Tennessee's 4th Congressional District:

"I'm incredibly honored to have the endorsement of one of the most influential grassroots conservatives in the country: Mark Levin. As it says on his program, he's "the establishment's worst nightmare" and for good reason--he's fought for Constitutional conservative principles time and again. As one of the top-5 talk radio shows in the country, he commands a grassroots army that is now fully behind my campaign for Congress. I plan on fighting for conservative principles every day in Washington, as I've fought for them my entire life--even when it wasn't popular. I'm glad to stand shoulder to shoulder with Levin in this fight to save our country as we've been taken over by politically correct cowards. Under the Obama disaster, we're going easy on radical Muslims, financing abortionists, and paying people not to work. I've been praying for America, but the time has come to fight for what we believe. I'm proud to have Mark Levin join the fight!" 

Grant Starrett WZYX Radio Interview

Republican Congressional candidate Grant Starrett interviewed with Jeff Pennington of WZYX The Eagle in Cowan, TN, discussing his race in Republican primary, as well as his conservative vision on welfare, immigration, jobs, education, and healthcare. 

 Grant Starrett Republican Conservative Farm

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Opportunity Lives: Meet the Millennial Candidate Looking to Bring Change in Tennessee

When running for Congress in a district that includes the poorest county in the state and one where nearly a quarter of the population is receiving some form of government assistance, most political advisors would tell a candidate to steer clear from welfare and entitlement reform.

Grant Starrett is having none of this.

Instead, the 28-year-old is campaigning hard on reducing government dependency and out-of-control federal spending.

Read more at Opportunity Lives here:

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Feds and the Walking Horse

Why on earth should the federal government have anything at all to do with our walking horse tradition?

The federal government has far exceeded its Constitutional boundaries and Shelbyville’s cultural hallmark is a perfect example. While there are sometimes questions about how the Founding Fathers might have considered newfangled technology, regulating the treatment of horses is something they certainly would have understood. And it’s quite clear that they would be shocked and dismayed that the federal government, rather than Tennessee, would be responsible for such regulation.

I am running for Congress because I want to actually follow the Constitution as the Founders intended. Our current Congressman, Scott DesJarlais, may be satisfied with tweaks to federal encroachment on our values, but I am not.

And, of course, federal intrusion in the walking horse industry is only the tip of the iceberg.

Take for instance controversy over “Waters of the United States.” Congress passed a law that gave the federal government authority to regulate navigable waterways – intending to cover things like the Mississippi River, which might be divided between states. But President Barack Obama and his green goblin bureaucrats at the Environmental Protection Agency have interpreted the law so generously that they now believe they can fine folks for contaminants in a muddy ditch on their land! The EPA has managed to turn rain into something farmers may fear, lest a puddle form in a low spot – no matter that you could barely navigate a kayak in the things the EPA chooses to regulate.

But this is precisely the point: Congress has abdicated its Constitutional responsibility and allowed agencies to make rules. That would be bad enough, except the agencies don’t even necessarily follow Congressional intent – such is the case with Waters of the United States.

My team and I are knocking on tens of thousands of doors in Bedford County and across the 4th Congressional District and I hear constantly about how the federal government is getting in the way of freedom, prosperity, and responsibility. Washington is overregulating our livelihoods, often unconstitutionally, causing small business owners to spend more money on compliance than commerce. And rather than allowing companies to compete in the marketplace on their own merit, the federal government rewards the politically connected with our tax dollars. Then, after taxing and regulating and punishing private enterprise, Washington has the gall to spend more money than it has, and we’re now $19 trillion in debt.

Congressman DesJarlais has voted for over $700 billion in food stamps and against a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution precisely during times when we most need DC to be more like Tennessee. He’s voted to give away billions of our tax dollars to politically connected corporations like President Obama’s green energy boondoggle Solyndra, and he’s now sustaining federal oversight over the walking horse industry.

I trust Tennessee to handle itself and I want to go to Washington to give power back to the states and to the people. I hope to earn your vote as a faithful conservative on August 4.

Grant Starrett is a conservative activist and Constitutional attorney from Murfreesboro. He is a Republican candidate for Congress in Tennessee's 4th Congressional District.


The Federalist: Meet the Millennial Running for Congress

Conservative Ben Domenech of the Federalist Radio Hour interviewed Grant Starrett about his run for the Republican nomination for Congress. 

Listen to it here!

“We should be waging an all out war for the working class in this country and we’re not doing it. We should be playing offense instead of huddling in a corner," Starrett said.

"Grant Starrett is running for Congress in Tennessee’s 4th Congressional District, and if elected would be the youngest sitting member. Starrett joined the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the challenges of running against a Republican incumbent, the difficulties of navigating an atomized American culture, and the issues the Republican party needs to address in order to represent the now largest generation: millennials."


Grant Starrett Comments On The Passing Of Justice Scalia

Antonin Scalia was a giant who transformed the Supreme Court--and the conservative legal world--by relentlessly and cleverly pushing the simple notion that we should follow the Constitution as the Founding Fathers intended. Conservatives in the United States Senate must hold the line against any activist replacement nominated by Obama. 


Daily Caller: 'Not A Single Question' - 27 Year Old Conservative Challenger Attacks GOP Congressman Over Planned Parenthood Hearing

Starrett, who lives in Murfreesboro and graduated from Stanford and Vanderbilt, would be the youngest sitting congressman if elected. He boasts of support from national conservatives, including radio hosts Hugh Hewitt and Erick Erickson.

He shares the same pollster as Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. That pollster, Chris Wilson, wrote in a September memo, obtained by The Daily Caller, that their internal polling shows Starrett within single digits of DesJarlais.

“Earlier this year, Starrett had a low name ID, potentially due to the fact that he has not held elected office; however, after likely voters heard positive and negative messaging for Starrett, the race moved to be within single digits, and is a great place to start for Grant and the campaign,” wrote Wilson.

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Stop the Iran Deal. Follow the Constitution.

Before anything else, let’s remind ourselves who we’re dealing with. 

The Islamic Republic of Iran is led by ayatollahs who urge crowds to chant “Death to America.” The United States is the “Great Satan” and Israel the “Little Satan.” The last president of Iran vowed to “wipe Israel off themap” but that sentiment goes deeper than a single comment in a speech.

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Tennessean Op-ed: DesJarlais was for Ex-Im Bank before he was against it

I bet you don’t have an army of lobbyists.

Unfortunately, special interests pour millions of dollars every year into diverting your tax dollars to their own ends.

The Export-Import Bank is only the latest example to gain notoriety.

The good news is that it expired on June 30th.

The bad news is that, back in 2012, when no one was looking, Congressman Scott DesJarlais joined every single Democrat in the House of Representatives, including Nancy Pelosi, to vote to re-authorize the Export-Import Bank.

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