Daily Caller: 'Not A Single Question' - 27 Year Old Conservative Challenger Attacks GOP Congressman Over Planned Parenthood Hearing

Starrett, who lives in Murfreesboro and graduated from Stanford and Vanderbilt, would be the youngest sitting congressman if elected. He boasts of support from national conservatives, including radio hosts Hugh Hewitt and Erick Erickson.

He shares the same pollster as Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. That pollster, Chris Wilson, wrote in a September memo, obtained by The Daily Caller, that their internal polling shows Starrett within single digits of DesJarlais.

“Earlier this year, Starrett had a low name ID, potentially due to the fact that he has not held elected office; however, after likely voters heard positive and negative messaging for Starrett, the race moved to be within single digits, and is a great place to start for Grant and the campaign,” wrote Wilson.

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