Statement from Grant Starrett on the State of the Union

The Grant Starrett for Congress campaign tonight released the following statement in response to President Obama's State of the Union address.

Statement from Grant Starrett, Republican Candidate for Congress in Tennessee's 4th District:

"There were plenty of better ways to spend this evening than tuning into the State of the Union, and most Americans probably did them. The President did not say much interesting nor did he say anything about the 10 sailors captured by Iran this afternoon—though his press secretary bizarrely used the opportunity to highlight the Iranian nuclear deal. Obama did proclaim the bold non sequitur that Food Stamps did not cause the financial crisis, ignoring the fact that we're racking up $700 billion in debt to pay for a program that discourages work and family formation. I hope to earn the support of voters to join a Republican majority in Congress and a Republican President delivering a State of the Union announcing the reversal of the Obama agenda and placing our country on a path to prosperity and security."